Confused About Your Monarch Life Insurance Claim?

Have you suffered and Monarch Life insurance claim denial? Although Monarch Life Insurance Company stopped selling disability insurance in the early 1990s, that does not mean you will no longer receive payment for a policy you previously purchased. If your Monarch Life insurance policy was undervalued, delayed, or denied, you have an ally in Donahue & Horrow, LLP, whose legal team is committed to protecting your rights and securing the benefits you are rightfully owed.

At Donahue & Horrow, LLP, our legal team has more than 80 years of combined experience, and our lawyers come from insurance and medical malpractice backgrounds. They have seen all of the tricks insurance companies try to use in an effort to avoid paying legitimate claims. Given the situation regarding Monarch Life’s exit from the disability insurance space, having a trusted legal resource to navigate this complicated landscape is even more important to secure your benefits.

We are a Los Angeles-based law firm that has successfully secured millions of dollars for our clients for their denied disability claims. Our lawyers are devoted to pursuing compensation for our clients facing bad faith insurance tactics and medical malpractice.

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Monarch Life’s Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

While Monarch Life may not be writing new disability insurance policies, the company still follows suit with other large insurance providers when it comes to denying claims against them. Monarch Life follows a similar pattern that includes:

  • Reviewing your social media posts;
  • Failing to be specific in the information that you can provide to support your claim; and
  • Not fully advising you of your rights and obligations under the policy in an effort to more easily deny your claim. 

The insurance industry as a whole is notorious for trying to “wear down” its policyholders in an attempt to get them to give up rather than fight for their rightful benefits. 

If Monarch Life Insurance has tried one or more of these tactics on you, it might be a clear sign the business is trying to fraudulently deny your disability insurance claim:

  • Failing to talk to your doctors, or even worse, calling your doctors without an appointment so they are unprepared and attempt to trick them into saying that you are not disabled;
  • Hiring so-called “independent” outside physicians to review your medical records, with the expectation that those doctors will also produce reports that will support a denial;
  • Conducting surveillance in an attempt to “catch you” acting in a manner inconsistent with your claimed restrictions and limitations; or
  • Stalling by asking for more and more records to support your claim, even if you already provided them with access to all of your medical records.

Real Examples of Monarch Life Denying Disability Claims

Monarch Life has been involved in countless lawsuits over the company’s claims practices. In one such case, a computer programmer suffered from myofascial pain syndrome in her neck muscles and could not return to work. Monarch Life stopped paying her long-term disability claims after a few months, and after filing a lawsuit against the company, the plaintiff reached a settlement to secure the benefits she was entitled to. 

Monarch Life was also involved in a bad faith case involving a plaintiff who suffered an automobile accident. The incident forced the plaintiff to work at a lower-paying job as a result of the injuries suffered. Monarch Life denied the plaintiff’s disability benefits, and a court ruled that Monarch Life acted in bad faith by failing to show any reasonable evidence for denying the claim. The plaintiff also received compensation for attorney fees involved in the case. 

Monarch Life – Still Servicing Old Policies

The Monarch Life Insurance Company (Monarch Life) was a subsidiary of the Monarch Capital Corporation, an organization that experienced financial trouble due to significant real estate investment losses. These financial hardships forced Monarch Life to stop selling variable life and disability insurance in 1993. The company has been in reshaping and refocusing its core business since then.

Despite the fact that the company has not written a new disability insurance policy for nearly 30 years, Monarch Life still oversees previous policies, and is still up to the same tactics of denying valid insurance claims. If you previously purchased a Monarch Life insurance policy and want to file a claim, our legal team at Donahue & Horrow, LLP will help you through the process in its entirety. 

Your Monarch Life Insurance Policy is Still Valid

The financial situation surrounding Monarch Life may be a bit confusing and unsettling, but rest assured that our team will fight to ensure the policy you purchased decades ago is honored, should you experience a life-altering accident. 

If you are dealing with a denied insurance claim from Monarch Life, we urge you to take action and do not delay any longer! 

All insurance claims have deadlines that must be met if you hope to collect the insurance benefits you are owed. When the complicated Federal law known as ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) is involved, it is even more important that you meet these strict deadlines to ensure you receive your insurance benefits. 

If you have any questions, we are here for you. Our legal team will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve while fighting relentlessly on your behalf to secure the insurance benefits you are owed. Insurance policies are complex and written by lawyers, so sometimes it takes a law firm to interpret the terms of your insurance plan. Each case is unique, and our legal team will assist you in deciphering your Monarch Life policy, regardless of the type of insurance policy you purchased. Call us today for a free consultation: (877) 664-5407.