Denied Insurance Claims


Individual with Daily Care Needs Awarded $1.7M Settlement in Long Term Care Dispute.

266% Payout

Successfully contested denial of accidental death from bathroom fall resulting in 266% payout on policy.


A periodontal surgeon suffered a severe hand laceration and digital nerve injury to his dominant hand.


A woman received $1,000,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for breast cancer testing.


A lawyer receives $1,100,000 after own-occupation disability insurer wrongfully denies traumatic brain injury as a disability.


A physician received a $1.2M dollar settlement when the court ruled that his initial insurance denial was unjust. Learn more.


A California corporation received $1,100,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied its claim for benefits.


An Optical Designer received $1,800,000 after an insurance company unreasonably terminated his claim for disability benefits. Learn more.