Denied Insurance Claims


Individual with Daily Care Needs Awarded $1.7M Settlement in Long Term Care Dispute.
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6-Figure Settlement

A shoe salesman for major, high-end department stores received a six-figure settlement from a large disability insurance company. Learn more.


Our client was very pleased because she was able to recover all of the money that the insurance company would owe her until she turned 67—but in an upfront, lump-sum so she no longer had to complete claim forms every month. Learn more.

7-Figure Settlement

Fighting on behalf of our client, an anesthesiologist, the Donahue & Horrow, LLP team was able to obtain a seven-figure settlement with a large national insurance company. Learn more.


A $1.9 million dollar settlement was reached for a physician who was involved in a bicycle vs. car accident that left her unable to continue working. Learn more.

Greater Than Contract Value Payout

We were able to quickly secure a settlement for the client for a greater than that stipulated by the policy.
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266% Payout

Successfully contested denial of accidental death from bathroom fall resulting in 266% payout on policy.
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A periodontal surgeon suffered a severe hand laceration and digital nerve injury to his dominant hand.


A woman received $1,000,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for breast cancer testing.


A lawyer receives $1,100,000 after own-occupation disability insurer wrongfully denies traumatic brain injury as a disability.


A physician received a $1.2M dollar settlement when the court ruled that his initial insurance denial was unjust. Learn more.


A California corporation received $1,100,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied its claim for benefits.


An Optical Designer received $1,800,000 after an insurance company unreasonably terminated his claim for disability benefits. Learn more.