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Insurance companies are businesses — they are not your legal advocates, and in order to make profits and stay in business must make decisions that favor the insurer. Unfortunately, insurance companies seem willing to bend their own rules and even sometimes break the law in order to cheat policy holders. They use a variety of tactics to deny, delay, underpay claims and will sometimes look for ways to retroactively cancel (rescind) insurance policies when claims are filed. Our lawyers will tell you the truth about your claim, your case, and if the insurance company acted in bad faith. Our only business is to serve your best interest — not the interests of your insurance company.

If you are a truck driver working as an independent contractor, you do not qualify for workers’ compensation under California laws. For that reason, you have probably purchased a type of disability insurance called occupational accident insurance. This unique type of disability insurance policy is designed to cover you if you suffer an on-the-job injury and are unable to drive truck for some period of time. Depending on your policy, it may also cover non work-related injuries that prevent you from working.

If you have been injured and tried to take advantage of this insurance policy, you may have been surprised that, after you diligently paid your premiums, your claim was underpaid, delayed or outright denied. At Donahue & Horrow, LLP, our lawyers are here to help you get your claim paid. An initial claim denial will not stop us from helping you.

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We know the ins and outs of insurance policies of all types, including the occupational accident insurance that truckers purchase. We have used our experience to benefit policy holders in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. Let our attorneys help you.

Insurance Companies Do Not Understand California Laws – Our Lawyers Do

The insurance companies that issue occupational accident insurance policies to semi-truck drivers often do not understand California laws. They think they can administer claims as if they were workers’ comp claims. They look for loopholes that they might be able to use under workers’ compensation laws. However, the California laws that apply to these types of policies do not have those loopholes. In other words, the insurance company may have denied your claim illegally. This is a wrong that we know exactly how to right.

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