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Partner Michael  B. Horrow and Attorney Scott E. Calvert wrote an ERISA article for the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles magazine, for the annual edition dedicated to insurance issues.  The article explains the basics elements of ERISA before doing a deep dive into the steps involved in the successful litigation of an ERISA insurance case.

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What sets Donahue & Horrow apart is their relentless advocacy for their clients whose ERISA claims that have been denied or delayed by insurance companies.  We don’t just settle cases – we work for the best outcome and we will work with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

Harlow vs. Met Life


Based on its findings of fact and conclusions of law, the Court concludes that Plaintiff has adequately established she was “totally disabled” under the terms of the plan during the 24-month period.

Accordingly, the Court reverses MetLife’s May 12, 2016 decision to terminate Plaintiff’s LTD benefits during the 24-month period.

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Renzi vs. Aetna Life Insurance

Michael Horrow represented Mr. Renzi in an action in federal court under ERISA to reinstate his LTD benefits. The Court concluded that Aetna incorrectly decided to terminate Mr. Renzi’s LTD benefits and not only ordered Aetna to pay all benefits owed from 2017 to the present, including prejudgment interest, but that Mr. Renzi’s LTD benefits will continue so long as he continues to remain “totally disabled” under the terms of the Plan.

(Read the case abstract)