Not Sure Where to Turn for Your Guardian Life Insurance Claim?

Every day, millions of customers put their faith in Guardian Life for their life, disability, and health insurance. Unfortunately, Guardian Life does not always come through when policyholders need it most. If Guardian Life delayed, undervalued, or denied your insurance claim, Donahue & Horrow, LLP is here to fight for you. 

We litigate cases throughout California and have successfully secured millions of dollars for our clients in denied disability, life and health insurance claims, including those for Guardian Life policies. Our legal team has the experience and drive to ensure our clients receive the money and benefits they legally deserve, all while treating you with dignity and respect during these difficult times. 

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Guardian Life’s Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

Insurance providers understand that their long-term growth hinges on avoiding paying out insurance premiums at all costs. Unfortunately for policyholders like yourself, Guardian Life is more concerned about maintaining healthy margins than it is about your well-being and legitimate insurance claim. Like so many major insurance carriers, organizations like Guardian Life subscribe to the same industry playbook of: 

  • Refusing to believe that your subjective complaints — such as pain and fatigue — are real;
  • Misrepresenting your actual job duties; and
  • Not fully advising you of your rights and obligations under the policy to ease their ability to deny your rightful claim.


This strategy is just the tip of the iceberg for companies like Guardian Life. What insurance carriers are truly after is to “wear down” policyholders like you in the hope that you will give up rather than fight for your benefits. 

If Guardian Life has tried one or more of these tactics on you, it might be a clear sign the business is trying to fraudulently deny your insurance claim:

  • Hiring so-called “independent” outside physicians to review your medical records, with the expectation that those doctors will also produce reports that will support a denial;
  • Failing to talk to your doctors, or even worse, calling your doctors and misrepresenting what they say;
  • Falsely claiming that there is not enough medical evidence to support your claim; or
  • Attempting to rescind your policy because the insurance agent did not include information that you told him or her during the application process.


Real Examples of Guardian Life Denying Claims

Guardian Life has perfected the art of denying insurance claims, an unfortunate reality for too many hardworking people. The organization has been involved in various lawsuits that fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). A plaintiff suffered a spinal injury in 2009 and initially received long-term disability benefits. In 2010, however, Guardian Life terminated his benefits, citing that the plaintiff had a pre-existing condition that made him ineligible for them. He eventually became completely disabled and filed a lawsuit against Guardian Life in 2016. 

Another ERISA case involved a plaintiff who initially received disability benefits for her rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that prevented her from working. After a period of time, her condition did not improve, and Guardian Life still terminated her disability benefits. Following an ERISA appeal that included updated medical records, the plaintiff’s long-term disability benefits were reinstated. 


Take Action Now; Do Not Delay!

Guardian Life has proven time and time again that the company will go above and beyond to deny policyholders’ insurance claims. If Guardian Life has denied your disability claim, we urge you to take action now. All insurance claims have deadlines that must be met if you are to have any hope of collecting the money/benefits you rightfully deserve. Insurance deadlines are especially important if you have an ERISA-related claim. Call us today at (877) 664-5407 to speak with our seasoned attorneys, who will fight relentlessly for you.

Our legal team understands the complexities of insurance policies, as these plans are written by lawyers themselves. We will analyze every detail of your Guardian Life policy to accelerate the claims process and keep Guardian Life accountable for falsely denying what is rightfully yours. Schedule your free consultation today. (877) 664-5407.