What Do I Do If Colonial Life Denies My Disability Insurance Claim?

Millions of people place their trust in Colonial Life every day for their life, disability, and accident insurance. When they experience unexpected life events they turn to Colonial Life to deliver on the insurance benefits they paid for. Unfortunately, the company has failed to deliver on its end of the bargain by falsely undervaluing, delaying, or denying its policyholders’ insurance claims. 

If Colonial Life denied your insurance claim, we are here to help right this wrong. We are your ally in fighting Colonial Life, an insurance carrier that has taken advantage of customers like you for far too long. Donahue & Horrow, LLP works with clients all over the state of California and has successfully secured millions of dollars for denied disability claims

From the moment you contact our firm, we will treat your case with the confidence and respect you deserve as we pursue your Colonial Life insurance claim. With medical malpractice and insurance backgrounds, our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience. They understand what it takes to fight back against, and beat, insurance companies like Colonial Life.

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Colonial Life Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

Insurance companies follow similar strategies to keep customers from receiving their insurance benefits to protect their financial earnings. Colonial Life and other Unum Group subsidiaries are infamous for:

  • Refusing to believe that your subjective complaints — such as pain and fatigue — are real;
  • Falsely claiming that there is not enough medical evidence to support your claim; and
  • Misrepresenting your actual job duties in an effort to deny your claim.


These tactics are just the start of what Colonial Life and other insurance carriers will employ to justify denying your insurance claim. The goal is to “wear down” policyholders to a point where they give up fighting for their valid claim. 

If Colonial Life has tried any of the following against you, it is a clear sign they are fraudulently trying to deny your insurance claim:

  • Conducting surveillance in an attempt to “catch you” acting in a manner inconsistent with your claimed restrictions and limitations;
  • Failing to talk to your doctors, or even worse, calling your doctors and then misrepresenting what was communicated to them;
  • Attempting to rescind your policy because the insurance agent did not include information that you told him or her on the application or contained within your medical records; or
  • Stalling by asking for more and more records to support your claim, even if you already provided them with access to all of your medical records.


Real Examples of Colonial Life Denying Claims

Colonial Life follows a similar model to its parent company to deny insurance claims. Unum Group changed their entire claims processes that impacted their customers across the country. This multi-state regulatory lawsuit reached a $15 million settlement that required Unum Group and its subsidiaries to reassess hundreds of thousands of insurance policies and claims. California regulators pushed for a harsher penalty by levying an $8 million fine against these companies and required the insurance carriers to reopen as many as 26,000 disability cases. 


Do Not Miss Your Deadline!

Colonial Life and other Unum Group subsidiaries have perfected the model of denying customers’ insurance claims. Although it can be difficult and intimidating taking on such resourceful companies, we urge you to take action against Colonial Life today. Insurance claims have deadlines that must be met if you are to successfully secure your insurance benefits. If your policy is governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), you need a legal team that understands the complexities and timelines associated with this federal law. 

Companies like Colonial Life use lawyers to draft insurance policies, making it difficult and confusing for policyholders to understand their policies and subsequent claims. Our attorneys will provide the needed legal eye to decipher your policy and secure your Colonial Life benefits. Call today for a free consultation: (877) 664-5407.