Aetna Disability Insurance Claim Denial?

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Aetna Insurance Claim Denial


About Aetna – Now part of the CVS Health Corporation Brand

On November 28, 2018, CVS Health, a company that generated a staggering $256.8 billion in total revenues in 2019, completed its $78 billion acquisition of Aetna, a healthcare benefits products and services provider. This conglomerate, which was No. 8 on the latest Fortune 500 ranking, is swimming in cash, accumulating more than $6.6 billion in net income last year. 

Unfortunately for many Aetna policyholders, Aetna’s place within the overarching CVS Health organization will further feed the company’s need to justify this purchase and keep shareholders happy. Unfortunately for policyholder’s like you, it seems like Aetna is trying to justify its role in the company by either delaying the payment of valid claims or worse, denying disability insurance claims outright. The same goes for the company’s health insurance, life insurance, and long-term care insurance claims. If you have suffered an Aetna disability insurance claim denial we are here to help.

It’s time to hold Aetna and CVS Health accountable for their concerns about the bottom line above your well-being. If you’ve been denied the insurance benefits you deserve by Aetna, contact Donahue & Horrow. We’re available to answer any questions you may have about your insurance policy or denied insurance claim. 

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Aetna’s Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

Aetna—like many other disability insurance companies— knows that their biggest expense is paying out claims to policyholders. Once Aetna has your money, what unfolds is an all-too-familiar scenario. Once you’ve made your premium payment to Aetna, the company has little incentive to pay you and will do any or all of the following to reduce your payout or make you quit pursuing your claim altogether:

  • Making burdensome requests by repeatedly requesting documentation, even if you’ve already submitted the same documents.
  • Downplaying medical evidence—including objective and subjective data—to discredit your disability or your insurance benefits entitlement.
  • Refusing to accept your doctor’s opinion that you’re disabled and unable to return to work.
  • Requesting so-called “independent” medical reviews by unqualified physicians or individuals to assess your medical condition. 
  • Repeatedly delaying a decision regarding your insurance claim. 


Real Examples of Aetna Denying Claims

Aetna has a recent track record of denying policyholders’ claims. In 2017, Aetna sold its group disability insurance and life insurance business to The Hartford Life Insurance Company for almost $1.5 billion. Following this transaction, thousands of individuals with employer-provided disability and life insurance coverage received notification that Aetna was no longer their insurance company.

In late-2018, Aetna lost a $25 million verdict after the company denied a cancer patient’s coverage, and this person later died. The case was significant for Aetna, which was accused by an Oklahoma jury of acting “recklessly” and was a catalyst for the insurance provider to “change its ways,” a CNN report asserted

Aetna’s negligence regarding policyholders’ insurance coverage also came to a head in April 2019, when the company settled a lawsuit following testimony by one of its medical directors who said he never reviewed patient records to approve or deny coverage. The matter was invested by the California insurance commissioner. 


Insurance Claims Have Deadlines. Don’t Delay!

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