What Do I Do If AIG Denies My Disability Insurance Claim?

If AIG denied your insurance claim, you will need an ally to help you fight back. Call Donahue & Horrow. We’re a Los Angeles-based law firm whose attorneys have decades of experience fighting insurance companies and who have successfully secured millions of dollars for our clients in denied disability claims. 

Have no doubt. We know how to put pressure on insurance giants like AIG to pay you the insurance benefits you deserve and are rightfully entitled to. 

Our goal is simple: to make sure you are treated with dignity and respect while securing the insurance benefits that you bargained for and legally deserve. 

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Whether you have an individual disability claim, group short-term disability claim, group long-term disability claim, health insurance claim, life insurance claim, AD&D claim or long-term care insurance claim. We are available to help you and to discuss any questions you may have about your insurance policy or denied insurance claim. 

Donahue & Horrow is based in Los Angeles, but routinely handles cases throughout California, including the Bay Area, San Diego County, Sacramento County and Fresno County. Call us at 877-664-5407. We can even meet with you face-to-face at your location to discuss your insurance claim, if necessary.


AIG’s Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

AIG’s tactics to deny or delay disability and other insurance benefits follow a familiar insurance industry playbook:

  • Payouts that are less than what the policyholders were entitled to.
  • Insufficient review of disability claims appeals.
  • Using biased physicians to support bogus claim denials.
  • Ignoring the opinions of your primary care physician and other medical specialists who support your claim.


AIG and other insurance companies often try to “wear down” policyholders like you in the hope that you will give up rather than fight for your benefits. You do not have to let them get away with not paying you what you deserve. If AIG has tried one or more of these tactics on you, they may be trying to fraudulently deny your insurance claim:

  • Repeatedly making burdensome requests for more and more documentation, which often duplicates documentation you already submitted;
  • Downplaying medical evidence – including objective and subjective evidence- which supports the disability or entitlement to insurance benefits;
  • Denying your claim because it is only supported by “subjective” evidence (such as complaints of pain, fatigue, lethargy, anxiety, depression, etc.), even if the policy does not require “objective” evidence (such as MRIs, X-Rays, blood tests, etc.);
  • Resorting to requesting so-called “independent” medical reviews by unqualified physicians or individuals who might never even examine you or talk to your doctors to discuss your claim;
  • Lengthy delays in making a decision on a disability insurance claim.


There Are Deadlines. Do Not Delay!

So, if you’re dealing with a denied insurance claim from AIG, we urge you to take action. Do not delay! All insurance claims have deadlines that must be met if you are to have any hope of collecting the insurance benefits you are owed. If you do not act quickly, you may be forever barred from filing a lawsuit to protect your rights. This is especially true if your claim is governed by ERISA, which is a Federal law that is so complicated, even many attorneys who specialize in insurance law do not fully understand. Luckily for you, the attorneys at Donahue & Horrow are experienced ERISA attorneys. Call us today at (877) 664-5407. Our legal team will treat you with the dignity you deserve while fighting relentlessly to secure the insurance benefits you are owed. 

If you have questions call us. Insurance policies are written by lawyers, so sometimes it takes a law firm to interpret the terms of the policy. We will assist you in deciphering your AIG insurance policy, whether it be a long-term disability insurance policy, short-term disability insurance policy, health insurance policy, life insurance policy, accidental death, and dismemberment policy or a long-term care insurance policy. Call today for a free consultation: (877) 664-5407.