Has Liberty Mutual Denied Your Disability Insurance Claim?

Every day, people put their faith in Liberty Mutual Insurance to protect their livelihood in the event of a life-changing event. When the time comes to submit an insurance claim, however, Liberty Mutual has shown an unwillingness to always pay out these claims, leaving customers anxious and unsure about what to do next. 

If Liberty Mutual undervalued, underpaid, delayed payment, or even denied your insurance claim outright, you are not alone. Contact Donahue & Horrow, LLP today to fight back against Liberty Mutual and the company’s desire to improve its bottom line rather than looking after policyholders like you. 

Donahue & Horrow, LLP is located in Los Angeles, and litigates cases throughout California, fighting against insurance claim denials. We have been successful in securing millions of dollars for our clients as a result of denied insurance claims by Liberty Mutual, and other top insurance carriers, that unfairly deny claims and do not deliver when their customers need them most. 

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Liberty Mutual Tactics Denying Disability Insurance Claims

Each year, Liberty Mutual is sued for improperly denying policyholders’ insurance claims. In these lawsuits, Liberty Mutual customers typically allege that the insurance company improperly performed some of the following acts when denying their valid insurance claims:

  • Not fully advising the policyholder of their rights and obligations under the policy;
  • Refusing to believe that subjective complaints — such as pain and fatigue — are real; and
  • Misrepresenting their policyholder’s actual job duties. 


Does this sound all too familiar to you? This, and a longer list of complaints, are the types of denial complaints that we have heard, fought against, and won.

Thanks to the organization’s vast resources, Liberty Mutual can make it daunting for policyholders to pursue their claims. Liberty Mutual and other insurance companies often try to “wear down” policyholders, like you, in the hopes that you will give up rather than fight for your benefits. If Liberty Mutual has tried one or more of these tactics on you, it might be a clear sign the company is trying to wrongfully deny your insurance claim:

  • Failing to talk to your doctors, or even worse, calling your doctors without an appointment so they are unprepared in an attempt to trick them into saying that you are not disabled;
  • Downplaying medical evidence – including objective and subjective data – which supports the disability or entitlement to insurance benefits;
  • Conducting surveillance in an attempt to “catch you” acting in a manner inconsistent with your claimed restrictions and limitations; or
  • Lengthy delays in making a decision on a disability insurance claim.


Real Examples of Liberty Mutual’s Improper Insurance Practices

“Misleading” is one word that sums up Liberty Mutual’s recent history, as the company has seemingly gone out of its way to mistreat consumers over the years. For example, a woman with Crohn’s disease suffered several afflictions, including nausea, that prohibited her from working. Liberty Life insurance used its own doctor to assess the plaintiff’s conditions and rejected her disability benefits, despite the victim’s substantial medical records. 

Liberty Mutual has also been accused of undervaluing disability claims. In California, policyholders prevailed in an Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) lawsuit, which found that the company frequently undervalued, delayed, or denied long-term disability claims to protect company profits. Some other aspects of the case included details about Liberty Mutual’s tactics, which involved often changing adjustors, not returning policyholders’ phone calls, and requesting excessive medical information that delayed payments by months. 


About Liberty Mutual Insurance – Part of Liberty Mutual Group 

Despite some economic troubles in 2017 following a string of hurricanes that forced the company to pay out numerous insurance claims, the Liberty Mutual Group remains a well-funded company that continues to target profitability. Perhaps concerned about experiencing another economic downturn, Liberty Mutual Group has shown a desire to keep margins healthy rather than supporting the company’s policyholders. In 2018, the company sold its group benefits business to Lincoln Financial for $3.3 billion. 

Group benefit policies from Liberty Mutual may now be managed by Lincoln Financial, which can deny your group disability insurance claim. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re now fighting Lincoln Financial over your group benefits, you need an ally in this fight to secure the insurance benefits that Liberty Mutual promised.

If you suspect that Liberty Mutual Insurance or Lincoln Financial has been intentionally delaying or denying your legitimate insurance claim, call the Donahue & Horrow, LLP legal team today: (877) 664-5407

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Claims Against Insurance Companies Have Deadlines – Don’t Wait!

Liberty Mutual’s reputation continues to take a hit, and rightfully so. The organization has unfairly denied legitimate insurance claims, and many customers have had enough. If you’re dealing with a denied insurance claim from Liberty Mutual, we urge you to take action without delay. All insurance claims have deadlines that must be met if you hope to collect the benefits you are owed. This is especially true if your claim is governed by ERISA. 

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