Struggling to Make Sense of Your Denied Great-West Life Insurance Claim?

When an unexpected life-changing event occurs, people expect their insurance providers to be there for them. Unfortunately for Great-West Life customers, their needs have long gone unmet. If your Great-West Life insurance claim was delayed, undervalued, underpaid, or outright denied, the legal team at Donahue & Horrow, LLP is ready to answer the call. Based in Los Angeles, and handling cases throughout California, our attorneys have successfully secured millions of dollars for our clients for their denied disability claims, including against Great-West Life. 

Our goal is the same as yours – payment of an unfairly denied or delayed insurance claim. We will apply pressure to Great-West Life to ensure your valid insurance claim is honored and you receive the money you are entitled to and paid for. Our attorneys will accomplish this all while treating you with the responsiveness, dignity and respect you deserve during this fight. 

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Great-West Life Tactics to Deny Insurance Claims

The insurance industry is known for constant mergers and acquisitions that create financial powerhouses that exert even greater control over policyholders. These organizations have internal legal teams and deep resources to find every way to delay or deny valid insurance claims. Some of their most popular tactics include:

  • Denying an insurance claim after ignoring the insured’s statements about their actual, everyday occupational demands;
  • Using biased physician reviews to wrongfully deny or terminate disability insurance benefit claims; and
  • Failing to interpret insurance policy terms in the insured’s favor. 


The prospect of fighting for your claim against Great-West Life may seem daunting, but you can improve your chances of winning your claim by hiring us and receiving a FREE consultation where we will review your specific circumstances and advise you on proper next steps.

In our experience, Great-West Life and other insurance companies often try to “wear down” policyholders, like you, in the hopes that you will give up rather than fight for your benefits. Some of the common tactics they use include:

  • Repeatedly making burdensome requests for more and more documentation, which often duplicates documentation already submitted;
  • Downplaying medical evidence – including objective and subjective data – which supports the disability or entitlement to insurance benefits;
  • Requesting so-called “independent” medical reviews by unqualified physicians or individuals; or
  • Resorting to lengthy delays in making a decision on a disability insurance claim.


Real Examples of Great-West Life Denying Claims

Prior to the merger with the London Life Insurance Company and the Canada Life Assurance Company, Great-West Life was at the center of various lawsuits and settlements regarding the organization’s insurance practices. A settlement was reached in 2014 between Great-West Life and a personal banking officer, whose short- and long-term disability benefits were denied. This employee experienced depression and anxiety that resulted in panic attacks. She also suffered personal losses that intensified her conditions, yet, Great-West Life initially denied her benefits. Luckily, through perseverance, she received both the short- and long-term benefits she was entitled to. 

Earlier, Great-West Life was involved in a high-profile lawsuit that resulted in a significant payout. In 2010, the business lost a $456 million class-action lawsuit that took 12 years to reach conclusion. Great-West Life was ordered to pay approximately 1.8 million policyholders after breaching the Insurance Companies Act when the company was found to have financed an acquisition by transferring money from two of its subsidiaries. 


About Great-West Life – Now Canada Life Assurance Company

On January 1, 2020, the Great-West Life Assurance Company merged with the London Life Insurance Company and the Canada Life Assurance Company, now operating under the Canada Life Assurance Company (Canada Life) moniker. The Great-West Life Assurance’s portfolio, which includes individual insurance, business owner insurance, group benefits, group retirement, and wealth management products and services, will not change as a result of the merger. 

The Canada Life brand dates back to 1847, and today, the company has more than 13 million customer relationships. The organization’s offerings include personal insurance (critical illness, life, disability, health & dental, and creditor), investing & saving, retirement (income funds, income annuities, lifetime income benefits, and HelloLife Program), mortgage, and business solutions. 

With this merger on the books, Canada Life will likely seek ways to accelerate the organization’s financial performance, leaving little room to pay out insurance claims. If your Great-West Life insurance claim was delayed, undervalued, underpaid, or outright denied, contact Donahue & Horrow today for answers to any questions you may have about your policy or denied insurance claim. We’re here to help. 

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Don’t Miss Your Deadline!

Insurance claims, regardless of the type of policy you purchased, have deadlines to meet if you’re to successfully win your claim. This tight window is especially critical if your insurance policy is governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). if you’re dealing with a denied Great-West Life insurance claim, the time to take action is today. Call us at (877) 664-5407 to speak with our legal team members, who have more than 80+ years of combined experience winning settlements for our clients.

Insurance policies are inherently difficult to understand, as insurance carriers have lawyers write these policies. Our legal team will ensure no detail goes uncovered, and we’ll assist you in deciphering your Great-West Life insurance policy, regardless of the type of insurance you purchased. Call today for a free consultation: (877) 664-5407.