Has Cigna Denied Your LINA Insurance Claims?

The insurance industry is perhaps the most confusing market to follow. Policyholders have to wrap their heads around their individual policies and the types of insurance they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Additionally, often larger insurance companies, continue to purchase smaller insurance companies which makes it difficult for a policyholder to even know the current corporate entity under which their policy may fall. For example, LINA, The Life Insurance Company of North America, falls under the umbrella of the Cigna organization.

If you purchased an insurance policy from LINA that has been delayed, undervalued, or denied, the time to act against this multi-billion-dollar conglomerate is now. Donahue & Horrow LLP will help you fight back against LINA and Cigna, both of which have a track record of denying policyholders’ benefits.

The attorneys at Donahue & Horrow LLP have successfully secured millions of dollars for our clients for denied disability claims against the largest insurance companies in the country, including Cigna.

Donahue & Horrow LLP is located in Los Angeles, and our experienced, highly skilled attorneys handle cases throughout all of California. Call us today if you think that you’ve been treated unfairly or unethically by LINA or Cigna: (877) 664-5407. Our legal team is here to help answer any questions you have about your LINA or Cigna policy or claim.


About LINA – Part of the Cigna Fortune 100 Brand 

Cigna is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. As a subsidiary of Cigna, LINA underwrites disability, accident, and health insurance, and hospital indemnity plans. In 2019, Cigna generated more than $5 billion in net income in 2019. This large cash flow means the organization is funded to pay out your LINA insurance benefits, yet time and again, we have seen them wrongfully deny policyholders’ claims. 


LINA and Cigna Tactics In Denial of Disability Insurance Claims

LINA or Cigna are always working toward a common goal: ensuring their own financial health and wellbeing. They use the premiums that you pay to fund the benefits they are supposed to pay. Instead, they continuously find ways to wrongfully deny your claims. The truth is, that for an insurance company such as LINA or Cigna, paying out insurance claims hurt their bottom line. In an effort to deny your valid insurance claims, the legal team of Donahue & Horrow LLP often sees insurance companies employ methods such as:

  • Refusing to believe that your subjective complaints — such as pain and fatigue — are real;
  • Purposely misrepresenting your actual job duties; and
  • Not properly advising and educating policy holders like you about the appeal process after they deny your claim. 


In addition to these tactics, insurance companies such as LINA and Cigna also employ other tactics to “wear down” policyholders like you in the hopes that you will give up on your claim. If you are a LINA policyholder and Cigna has tried one or more of these tactics on you, it may be a clear sign that Cigna is fraudulently denying your insurance claim by:

  • Stalling and asking for more and more records to support your claim, even if you already provided them with access to all of your medical records;
  • Hiring so-called “independent” outside physicians to review your medical records, with the expectation that those doctors will also produce reports that will support a denial;
  • Attempting to rescind your policy because the insurance agent did not include information that you told him or her on the application; or
  • Creating lengthy delays in making a decision on a disability insurance claim.


Real Examples of LINA Denying Claims

LINA takes after its parent company when denying insurance claims. It has been involved in various lawsuits over the years, including some regarding the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Some examples include:

  • A plaintiff alleged that LINA denied his short- and long-term disability claim, which was purchased through his employer and underwritten by LINA. He suffered various symptoms on the job, including a depression and acute stress, that kept him from returning to work. 
  • An Aldi employee was a long-term disability policyholder and sustained a back injury on the job. LINA denied her claim, even after she received various medical treatments that failed to improve her condition. 
  • Another plaintiff alleged that LINA denied a long-term disability insurance claim even though the employee went through numerous operations and procedures following a fall at her cabin that made it challenging for her to return to work. 
  • A 2016 class-action lawsuit filed alleged that Cigna and LINA violated ERISA by not paying out full life insurance benefits after collecting premiums from policyholders. 
  • A higher-education employee was unable to return to work due to lumbar radiculopathy and rheumatoid arthritis. With medical documentation from her treating physicians, she filed a long-term disability insurance claim through LINA, and Cigna denied the claim, leading to a lawsuit alleging the insurance company’s breach of policy. 


Insurance Claims Require Fast Action

Cigna and LINA are one and the same, and each brand has shown a propensity to use its vast resources to make life difficult for everyday policyholders. If LINA or Cigna has denied your insurance claim, don’t wait to seek help. In general, insurance claims have hard deadlines, and they are even more strict when involving ERISA. Do not miss a deadline that could be the difference between denial and payout of the benefits you are entitled to receive. Take action today. Call us for a free consultation: (877) 664-5407.


Donahue & Horrow LLP are here for you to answer any questions you might have at no cost to you. We are trained to interpret the same policies that are written to confuse you. Each case is unique and we treat each case and client with the respect and dignity you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you.