Donahue & Horrow LLP Secures Long-Term Disability Benefits for High-Level Executive

When Donahue & Horrow LLP takes your case, rest assured we will do what it takes to get you the insurance benefits you are owed. We will advocate on your behalf all the way to trial throughout California.  Recently, we did just that and won another trial victory in Orange County against Unum Life Insurance Company of America, securing long-term disability benefits for our client.  

Our client, a high-level executive recruiter, was in a car accident that caused physical and cognitive ailments that left him unable to continue working.  After the accident, he reported problems with short-term memory, maintaining his train of thought, keeping track of time, and word choice, as well as physical problems, including neck and back pain.  The cognitive symptoms were not only confirmed by his treating physicians, but also his wife and co-workers, who provided “before-and-after” descriptions to the insurance company.  

Unum initially approved the claim based on the recruiter’s physical ailments. However, when those resolved, the insurance company refused to approve his claim based on his cognitive difficulties.  We filed suit in Federal Court, alleging that Unum’s failure to approve the long-term disability claim was a violation of ERISA.  

In the trial briefing and at trial, we focused on the “before-and-after” aspect of our client’s abilities.  In finding for our client, the District Court Judge agreed that the evidence we provided showed that while our client was able to successfully perform his job duties before the accident, the medical evidence established that he, more likely than not, continued to suffer from post-accident deficits.  The court explained that our client established that he was disabled through his own subjective accounts (as bolstered by his doctors’ records, statements from him, his wife, and employer) and through the results of objective neuropsychological testing that were consistent with his subjective accounts of his symptoms. 

Donahue & Horrow LLP relentlessly fought through trial for our client and will do the same for you. We will not rest until you get the disability insurance benefits you deserve and paid for.

If you have a long-term disability policy and are considering making a claim or have had your claim denied, we are here to help. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you whatsoever. Call our team today to learn more (877) 664-5407.