Has Your Disability Insurance Claim Been Denied? We’re Not Surprised

Your Insurance Company Is Not Your Legal Advocate, But We Are

Insurance companies are businesses — they are not your legal advocates, and in order to make profits and stay in business must make decisions that favor the insurer. Unfortunately, insurance companies seem willing to bend their own rules and even sometimes break the law in order to cheat policy holders. They use a variety of tactics to deny, delay, underpay claims and will sometimes look for ways to retroactively cancel (rescind) insurance policies when claims are filed.

If you have been the victim of a denied disability insurance claim on the basis that you do not meet your insurance company’s definition of disabled, our attorneys can help. Our law firm features former insurance defense attorneys and we understand the loopholes insurers use to avoid having to pay your claim, and all of the other underhanded tactics they may employ. We know how to overcome their tactics and present a compelling case that you are disabled and your claim needs to be accepted. We are insurance litigators, willing to get aggressive when necessary in order to accomplish this goal.

Making It Clear That Your Medical Condition Is a Disability

Our lawyers can assist you in making a claim. As part of this service, we will educate you about the definition of disability on your insurance policy. We will strive to make certain that your medical documentation makes it clear that your condition meets the insurance company’s definition of a disability. Making certain that everything is presented correctly to the insurance company can prevent hurdles further down the line.

Freemonth, Alameda County Disability Insurance Claims Disputes Attorneys

At the Los Angeles area law firm of Donahue & Horrow LLP, you will find an attorney with substantial experience in disability insurance matters. We can help you with any California disability claim or insurance appeal. Our lawyers will tell you the truth about your claim, your case, and if the insurance company acted in bad faith. Our only business is to serve your best interest — not the interests of your insurance company. Initial consultations are always free, and you do not need to come to our law offices in order for us to help you

Contact our law offices today if you have questions about disabling conditions, a “change in definition,” advice on making a claim, or help in dealing with insurance bad faith practices or claim denial.

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