Do You Need Help With Making a Disability Insurance Claim?

Comprehensive Guidance and Legal Representation in Disability Claims

Unfortunately, we have found that our clients have encountered numerous hurdles when they attempt to make an insurer fulfil their promise to pay after an insurance claim is filed. You may have questions about your insurance coverage or preparing your insurance claim after an injury or other event that would trigger an insurance claim.

The attorneys at the Los Angeles area law firm of Donahue & Horrow, LLP, are available to you to assist with claim preparation questions and monitoring insurance claims through the process, even before a disability claim is denied.

How to Make an Insurance Claim

In general, you should approach the insurance claim process as if your insurer’s representative has no experience reviewing claims like yours. It is vitally important to explain all aspects of your claim:

  • You must explain your medical condition or conditions. Explain and document the physical and mental effects that your disabling condition has on you.
  • You must explain your occupation. Representatives may not know the activities and functions that are required for a pediatrician, an investment banker, a legal secretary or any other profession or trade. Be specific about the activities that are required for your occupation.
  • You must explain how your medical condition affects your occupational duties. You should describe how your condition prevents you from performing your occupation. Include specific examples and facts.
  • Be specific and detailed in your claim. Use a neutral tone and include facts. For example, in a property claim, include pictures.

Keep track of your communications with the insurer. Use certified letters for your claim. Note the date and time of each telephone communication you have with the insurer. Make it difficult for the insurer to claim that it has lost an important document. Keep a file of the documents you send to the insurer and the documents the insurer sends to you.

Be aware that the insurer may not be forthcoming with important information and may not use straightforward tactics in investigating your case. For example, insurers frequently secretly videotape policyholders who have made a disability claim to confirm the level of their disabilities.

Let an Experienced Los Angeles Disability Claims Lawyer Review Your Claim for Free

At Donahue & Horrow, we are happy to review your claim before you send it. We do not charge you for this service. We realize that you are participating in a process that has never been properly explained to you and we will teach you the rules and explain your legal rights under the policy and can efficiently address any claim denial or bad faith insurance practices.

Contact us to discuss your case and any questions you have about making an insurance claim with an experienced El Segundo, Los Angeles area lawyer.