About Disability Insurance Policies – The Summary Plan Description (SPD)

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The summary plan description (SPD) is a document that provides a detailed overview of your disability insurance plan – how it works, what benefits it provides, and how to file a claim for benefits. It should also layout limitations and restrictions. For example, you may have to wait a certain amount of time before filing a claim, or be of a certain age.

The SPD also explains your rights and responsibilities under ERISA and your specific plan. For some single-employer collectively bargained plans, you should also check the collective bargaining agreement’s claim filing, grievance, and appeal procedures as they may apply to claims for health and disability benefits. Sometimes, the actual process of filing a claim will be detailed in a separate claims procedure booklet.

The SPD or the claims procedure booklet must including information on where to file, what to file, and whom to contact if you have questions about your plan, such as the process for providing a required pre-approval for health benefits. Plans cannot charge any filing fees or costs for filing claims and appeals.

Unfortunately, even if you take all the proper steps for filing a claim, it is uncommon for a disability claim to be approved on the initial application. Most disabled individuals will find themselves having to go through the appeals process before they receive benefits, and even then, there is no guarantee the appeal will be successful. Fortunately, our firm has the expertise necessary to guide you through the process or filing a disability claim appeal.

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Whether you have an employer-provided disability insurance policy that is governed by Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law or you have selected a private disability insurance policy, you stand a greater chance of being denied at the initial application stage.

It is the goal of an experienced attorney to determine if the denial was based on policy exclusions, misinterpretation of data, processing error or bad faith. Whatever the case, our lawyers will diligently fight to ensure you receive your disability benefits.

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