ERISA Benefits Denial Reversed – Debilitating Headaches

Employers often provide disability insurance to their employees as a benefit, with the promise that if the person is unable to work due to injury or illness, the disability benefits will replace their lost income.  Unfortunately, in practice, disability insurance companies often refuse to pay valid claims, leaving the employees without money to replace their lost salary.  Thankfully, the attorneys at Donahue & Horrow LLP have decades of experience assisting insurance claimants fight for the insurance benefits they deserve.

Our client was unable to continue working as an Academy Program Manager due to debilitating headaches characterized by throbbing pressure from the frontal to occipital area of her head along with photophobia and occasional nausea.  After her group long-term disability insurer wrongfully denied her claim for disability benefits, Donahue & Horrow filed an ERISA lawsuit in the Federal Court in Los Angeles, seeking disability benefits, attorneys’ fees, and costs for our client.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, counsel for the insurance company initiated settlement discussions.  Over the next few weeks, counsel for the parties discussed the underlying facts of the case and exchanged settlement offers and demands.  Eventually, a mutually agreed-upon settlement was reached.  With the settlement, our client was able to use the settlement funds as she saw fit and, more importantly for her, she was able to put the lawsuit behind her

If you believe that your disability insurance claim was unfairly denied, contact Donahue & Horrow LLP at 310-322-0300  today.  We will evaluate your case for free, let you know whether or not your claim is governed by ERISA and let you know our plan for helping you get the disability benefits you deserve.