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Don’t wonder why your disability insurance claim was denied, call our law firm instead. Our attorneys can assist you in making a disability claim or appealing a denied benefits claim. We offer a free consultation and you do not need to come to our law offices in order for us to help you file or appeal a disability insurance claim. We represent clients throughout all of California. Click to request your FREE legal consultation.

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Insurance companies are businesses — they are not your legal advocates, and in order to make profits and stay in business must make decisions that favor the insurer. Unfortunately, insurance companies seem willing to bend their own rules and even sometimes break the law in order to cheat policy holders. They use a variety of tactics to deny, delay, underpay claims and will sometimes look for ways to retroactively cancel (rescind) insurance policies when claims are filed. Our lawyers will tell you the truth about your claim, your case, and if the insurance company acted in bad faith. Our only business is to serve your best interest — not the interests of your insurance company.Disability insurance can be expensive, which only increases the level of frustration when benefits claims are wrongfully denied. Unfortunately, insurers routinely deny claims so it is important not to accept a denial of your initial application as a final decision. It is important to understand that even if you have the right to an appeal, it does not mean you automatically get a better outcome. Appeals can also be denied, so in order to ensure your best chances of a successful outcome, contact our law offices today to speak for free with an experienced disability claims attorney to learn more about your options for an appeal.

With as much information at our disposal as possible, we will guide you through the process of appealing your denial. There is a special process designed to allow you a chance to have the insurance company’s original decision reversed. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of this process, and will stand by you every step of the way while we fight to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.


Denied Disability Claims Lawyer in Ventura

At Donahue & Horrow, LLP, we have multiple experienced disability claims attorneys on our team. Our dedicated staff of professionals will guide you through the process of appealing your disability claim denial. We understand that there might be legitimate reasons for an insurance carrier to deny your claim. However, the denial might be the result of a mistake in processing or insurance bad faith practices. We will carefully examine the situation to gain a clear understanding about your disability and why the insurance company chose to deny your claim.

The final award rate for disabled-worker applicants has varied over time, averaging nearly 45 percent for claims filed from 2000 through 2009. The percentage of applicants awarded benefits at the initial claims level averaged 28 percent over the same period and ranged from a high of 37 percent to a low of 26 percent. The percentage of applicants awarded at the reconsideration and hearing levels are averaging 3 percent and 13 percent, respectively. Denied disability claims have averaged nearly 53 percent. Source: Social Security Administration

Whether your disability is lupus, migraine, depression, or the result of a back or neck injury, we will guide you toward a successful resolution. We have experience helping clients in Ventura, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

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