Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Risks – Private Disability Insurance

If you are a professional whose job requires daily repetitive fine motor skills to perform your duties it’s important that: you understand carpal tunnel syndrome, the  risk factors that can cause it, and whether your private disability insurance plan will cover you should you become disabled If you think carpal tunnel syndrome is only caused […]

Surgical Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is One Of The Most Common Surgical Procedures Performed In The U.S.

Technological Advancements Contribute to the Rise in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Disability Claims Dr. Jeffrey E. Budoff, a respected board certified orthopedic surgeon in Houston, TX, who specializes in hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder treatments states: “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is mainly a work-related, repetitive motion injury and is defined as a compression of the median nerve. […]

Risk Factors For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: They May Not Be What You Think

Although many people think of CTS as a repetitive injury, not only is that often not the suspected cause of CTS, but recent studies seem to show a stronger link between those who have other autoimmune disorders such as diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (a hypothyroidism disease), over activity of the pituitary gland, and rheumatoid arthritis and those afflicted with CTS. Women, especially pregnant women with edema, and women in menopause suffering from fluid retention, and overweight people are also known to have a higher risk of CTS than the general population.

When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Becomes A Disability Will Your Disability Insurance Company Pay?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disorder that causes pain and weakness in the hand and wrist. If CTS prohibits you from doing your job, and you have own-occupation disability insurance, you may be entitled to receive disability benefits. Los Angeles Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Disability Claims Attorneys Serving All Of Southern California What is Carpal […]

Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyer

When an individual purchases a private long term disability policy, it is not a perk, but rather a necessity to cover potential lost wages. Because we pay on our disability insurance policies, we plan for the future expecting to have those funds in case of a catastrophic event. Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely deny claims and leave families without the benefits they deserve. Our California team of long term disability insurance lawyers will relentlessly work on your behalf to reinstate your benefits.

Will my disability be covered by my disability insurance policy?

Disabilities that may be covered by your disability insurance policy include (but are not limited to): Asthma Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Claims Due to Necessary Medications Back and Neck Injuries Blindness Cancer Victims Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Deafness Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Heart Problems Intellectual / Cognitive Disabilities Chronic Lyme Disease Lupus Mental Health Issues Migraine […]

Disability Insurance Claims for Doctors

Don’t accept a denied disability claim as a final decision. Medical professionals appreciate the value of a comprehensive disability insurance policy. However, whether your policy is long-term, group or individual disability insurance policy, it might be necessary to work with an experienced legal professional to gain a clear understanding of your coverage. Insurance carriers routinely […]

Disability Insurance Claims

If your disability insurance claim has been denied, you do have a right to pursue payment from your insurer. You may also have a right to pursue an insurance bad faith claim against your insurer if the denial was improper.

Medical Basis for Disability Claims Under California Law

Definition of “Disabling Conditions” for Insurance Claims Purposes Clients have frequently asked us for more information on disability policies and the conditions that could qualify a consumer for coverage under a disability policy. When insurance carriers decide to provide disability insurance policies to California consumers, the insurers must follow California law and regulations. California law […]