Problems With Allstate Insurance Claims

About Allstate Insurance Bad Faith Practices

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Allstate Insurance offers many types of insurance including car insurance and life, supplemental health and disability insurance for individual ownership. The company also offers Universal Life, Term Life, Cancer and Specified Disease, Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital Indemnity, Heart & Stroke and Disability coverage. Allstate’s marketing slogan promises you will be in “good hands” when you purchase one of their many insurance products. Their website also offers flexibility in purchasing coverage to help consumers tailor insurance products to their unique needs:

“Our limited-benefit health products are designed to supplement primary insurance and offer flexibility, allowing consumers to make choices depending on their individual needs. Benefits are paid in addition to any other coverage and can be used to help offset the non-medical costs associated with treatment.”

Sounds promising, but what happens when you file an insurance claim and Allstate either refuses to pay, or pays you less than you are fairly entitled to receive?

Unfortunately for consumers, policyholders do not experience problems with insurance companies until they need them the most and it almost always comes as a shock when a policyholder who thought they had coverage is denied their benefits. People buy insurance to protect themselves against the risk of financial hardship should they become ill, injured, disabled, or a loved one is lost. Policyholders file claims in good faith expecting their benefits to be paid in a timely manner; but this is often not the case and why so many consumers end up turning to lawyers to help them battle their insurance claims.

Even the largest and best-known insurance companies, including Allstate, have been found to use practices that are anything but consumer friendly. Even though our law firm has considerable experience in helping people whose insurance claims have been wrongfully denied, you don’t have to take our word for it how widespread the problem is. The video (below) documents insurance company horror stories involving Allstate, the second largest personal lines insurer in the U.S. and their bad faith insurance practices. This PrimeTime hidden camera investigation shows that Allstate used a calculated and scripted formula approach designed to discourage people from retaining attorneys so they could pay fewer benefits than policyholders were entitled to receive.

In this video, Allstate faces 50 lawsuits, representing thousands of claims, involving accident victims who were deceived into signing waivers forfeiting their rights to hire an attorney. This aggressive practice by Allstate saved the company untold millions of dollars, but it also meant that accident victims received millions less than they were entitled to receive.

Insurance Companies Are Businesses – Not Your Friends, and Not Your Legal Representatives

It is important to bear in mind that insurance companies are not necessarily evil, but they are not your friends and they are not your legal advocates — they are businesses that exist to generate profits. You should never accept legal advice (which, insurance companies are not supposed to offer) from an insurance company regarding your claim. In order to make profits, insurers need to keep costs down, and in order to do so, insurance companies, including Allstate, sometimes do resort to deceptive or illegal practices to keep those costs down and their profits up.

When an insurance company deliberately refuses to honors its policy it may be committing something called “insurance bad faith.” Insurance companies hate the term “bad faith” because they know that it can result in having to pay additional damages for its behavior. Simply failing to pay on a claim may not be enough to constitute insurance bad faith, and only an experienced attorney who specializes in insurance law can help you understand if you have this type of claim.

Experienced and Aggressive Attorneys To Fight Back Against Allstate’s Unfair Insurance Practices

Only an attorney skilled in assessing insurance problems can tell you if your insurance company has committed bad faith. Our law firm has extensive experience in identifying and successfully pursuing insurance bad faith cases.

With our law firm, you really will be in good hands, because, unlike insurance companies, our only concern is seeing that you get the best possible outcome and maximum compensation you are entitled to receive. Unlike insurance companies who are not only not qualified or even allowed to offer you legal advice as your legal representative when the claim is against them, we will evaluate your case fairly and seek to hold an insurance company accountable if they have not been fair to you.

If you believe that your insurance claim has been wrongfully delayed, improperly paid, or outright denied, it is important to protect yourself against further wrongdoings and call or email us today for a confidential, free initial consultation. There is no obligation and no fee unless we take your case and win for you.