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Were You Injured in the Workplace? Our Truck Driver Accident Lawyer Is Here To Help.

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Nichole D. Podgurski, Partner

Our team of California occupational insurance and truck driver accident lawyers routinely work on cases involving the denial of Occupational Accident Disability.

In some industries, like long haul truck driving, workers are not “employees” of a company, but are classified as “contractors.” This can have many implications on the working relationship but one of the largest in the insurance coverage available to those contract workers. One of the most common industries in which we see this situation is commercial trucking. In general, truckers are not classified as employees and eligible for the benefits of workers’ compensation insurance which would cover an injury or death sustained while on the job.

We know that trucking can be a dangerous job with many inherent risks of injury that come with the job. To cover this gap in insurance, many individuals purchase their own occupational accident insurance. Additionally, trucking companies will sometimes purchase this type of insurance on behalf of their contract employees.

This functions similar to workers’ compensation in that it would cover injury or death sustained while performing the job. There are, however, differences between worker's compensation and occupational accident insurance coverage. Workers' compensation benefits are set out in statute and are granted to individuals by law. On the other hand, with occupational accident insurance, it is a private policy and benefits are determined based on the specific policy purchased. Essentially, whether you are covered and to what extent, depends on the policy purchased.


occupational accident insurance

Because of this, it’s important to be aware of things such as:

  • Limits of liability per accident
  • Deductibles per accident
  • Levels of disability coverage
  • Levels of death benefits covered
  • Levels of medical insurance provided

Because coverage is based off a privately purchased policy, this opens the door for insurance companies to wrongfully deny, delay or underpay claims. With over 50 years of combined experience, our occupational accident insurance lawyers know how to fight those wrongful decisions and obtain the benefits our clients deserve and are owed. In fact, we are uniquely positioned to represent our clients – our firm includes former insurance defense attorneys who know the ins and outs and “tricks of the trade” used by insurance companies to avoid paying out claims.

We know that if you’ve been injured on the job, you, your family and your livelihood may be counting on these insurance proceeds. You don’t have to simply accept a denial by the insurance company – that is not the end of the road. You have options to fight back and hold the insurance company accountable for the benefits you are owed. We also know that you are focused on recovering from the accident and injuries sustained and may not have the time or energy to fight with the insurance company. We can take that burden off your shoulders. Let us fight the insurance company while you focus on what’s really important – recovering.

No Payment Until We Recover

We take all of our cases on a contingency basis – you don’t pay a dime unless and until we recover money for you. We know these times are difficult not only emotionally but also financially – you likely have medical bills piling up and are out of work without the cushion of the insurance proceeds you were counting on. We don’t want to add to that financial burden, we want to ease it. Call us today for you consultation to understand your options for fighting for what you deserve.