Paralysis Caused By Medical Negligence

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If a doctor failed to provide a high standard of care and you or a loved one is now paralyzed as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.

Paralysis is a Life-Long Condition That Can be Caused by Medical Malpractice

Paralysis is a very serious medical condition where a person has lost feeling in and the ability to move a group of muscles or a limb. Paralysis is caused by injury to the nerves in the spinal cord or in a nerve group after it exits the spinal cord.

Paralysis can occur as a result of a medical injury like a stroke or from a physical accident such as diving into a shallow pool, getting into a car accident, or falling down stairs, but paralysis can also result from medical negligence or malpractice.

A patient becoming paralyzed as a result of medical mistakes is a horrific and terrible event, yet it remains a potential outcome of many procedures. Invasive surgeries pose the greatest risks, but even procedures that are relatively low-level can cause paralysis if errors occur or equipment fails.

Examples of medical malpractice causing paralysis include:

  • Surgical errors (a mistake was made during a surgical procedure that affected your spine and caused paralysis);
  • Faulty medical equipment (failures of malfunctions may cause or increase the likelihood of mistakes);
  • Misdiagnosis and mistreatment (you were given the wrong diagnosis and underwent a procedure or treatment that resulted in paralysis); and

If a doctor failed to provide a high standard of care and you or a loved one is now paralyzed as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.

Types of Paralysis

There are many types and degrees of paralysis. Paralysis may be partial or total, and its effect may range from a single group of muscles to multiple limbs and even the entire body.

Paralysis of the legs is called paraplegia, while paralysis of both the arms and legs is called quadriplegia. Paralysis may also affect one side of the body (hemiplegia), the same region on both sides of the body (diplegia), one limb (monoplegia), the hands and wrists, and parts of the face or neck.


Do You Have A Medical Malpractice Claim?

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We rely on medical professionals to adhere to a certain standard of care, and if medical treatment you or a loved one received resulted in paralysis, that standard of care may not have been met. In order to pursue compensation on a medical negligence claim, you will need to prove that the mistake made by your medical-care provider was the actual cause of the injury (and that your injury was preventable). If your paralysis was caused by carelessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for emotional anguish and suffering, lost wages, and for the cost of future medical treatment.

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