Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Birth Injuries And Wrongful Death

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Thomas Donahue has handled cases involving children injured at all stages of the birth process. He understands parents’ concerns for their children. He has also seen the progress and results that is possible for some children when they receive treatment and rehabilitation after a birth injury. He wants to obtain the compensation that is necessary so that his clients’ children can have the best outcome possible for their conditions. He has handled birth injury cases involving injuries to children causing cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy. He has also handled cases involving failure to monitor babies and children in a NICU or PICU.

Video Transcript

Topic: Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Cases
SpeakerThomas E. Donahue, Attorney

Transcript: Here at Donahue & Horrow, I handle all of the malpractice cases in the firm. We focus mostly on catastrophic medical malpractice, wrongful death, and especially birth injury cases. Regarding birth injury cases there’s a variety of injuries that could be caused during the birth process. There can be injuries and that can be caused during the pregnancy. There are all sorts of injuries occur because during the birth process for a lack of oxygen to the baby, trauma from instrumentation used during the delivery process, infections that are not diagnosed in a timely manner, and also there can be injuries caused by a failure to treat the baby after delivery — and we have extensive experience in all types of cases.

Birth injury cases are tremendously complicated because they are fought very vigorously by the defense, but they also require a multitude of medical disciplines of from neonatology to pediatric neurology, to neuroradiology, so there are almost a dozen experts you’ll need in a birth injury case — all of whom I have extensive experience in handling.

We understand that this is a very emotional, oftentimes tragic situation, for the clients and their families and so we believe it’s important not just to get the best results, but also to work through the case with our clients to alleviate the pressure and stress and anxiety of not just a tragedy, but the lawsuit and hold their hands all the way through the process of the lawsuit.