Insurance Company Bad Faith – When Insurers Are Unfair to Policy Holders

Ventura Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Every insurance policy sold in California carries with it the implied contract of good faith. It is an unwritten promise that the insured will be treated fairly throughout the duration of the contract. This becomes especially important when the insured files a claim for benefits. If this claim is denied arbitrarily or without due consideration, it is said that the insurance carrier has acted in bad faith.

At Donahue & Horrow LLP, our Ventura insurance bad faith lawyers have extensive experience guiding clients through a broad array of situations. If you have filed claims for disability insurance, long-term care insurance or health insurance, your carrier must act in good faith and uphold the notion of fair dealing throughout the process. If it does not, we can negotiate on your behalf to get the decision reversed.

About Insurance Bad Faith Law

The implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing includes the duty to:

  • Thoroughly investigate the insured’s claim and to fully inquire into all possible bases that might support payment of the claim
  • File for declaratory relief or bring other litigation against its insured only where it has a reasonable basis for doing so

In other words, your insurance company must treat you fairly, and deal with your benefit claim in a reasonable, professional and honest manner. Contact our firm to discuss your situation through a free consultation.

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