How Michael & Tom’s Worldviews on Ethics, Integrity and Business Align to Benefit Clients

Before they were law partners, Michael and Tom were great friends for almost 15 years. Raised in two separate parts of the country, Michael in New Jersey and Tom in Nebraska, they developed almost identical, deeply embedded worldviews when it comes to how to conduct their business with the utmost in integrity and the highest level of ethical standards. In fact, it was finding that these views perfectly aligned that led them to joining forces and opening Donahue & Horrow LLP in 2006.

Coming from a very large family in Nebraska, Tom’s father was a surgeon and Tom had nine brothers and sisters. In fact, every one of Tom’s siblings, have graduate degrees. His father instilled in them a core value of integrity and helping others – something that still holds true for Tom to this day. From waiting tables, to mowing lawns, to delivering newspapers all the way to practicing law, Tom’s life has focused on an unrelenting dedication to working hard, fairness and honesty. In fact, Tom and his siblings continue to build a family legacy based on these values with their own children.

Michael, the youngest of four – learned the value of hard work from his father and strong moral principles from his mother. He began working at age 10 by delivering newspapers and shoveling snow from driveways. Eventually, he worked delivering pizzas, driving an ice cream truck, working a deli counter, detailing cars, waiting on tables and more. From that young age, he was determined to always treat people with respect and never be outworked.

All of that experience led Michael and Tom to create the hard working family atmosphere at Donahue & Horrow LLP. Tom and Michael emphasize relationships. They enjoy the practice of law as a way of helping people to solve complex problems. They take on the toughest issues. With a “Client First” view, they seek to understand how difficult the challenge must be for their clients and then work towards a solution. All of the employees at Donahue and Horrow LLP are kind and compassionate – but most of all – they always seek to honor, understand and respect each client’s circumstance. With that understanding, they strive for and obtain excellent results.

For nearly twelve years now, the results have been outstanding. Year after year, clients benefit from the exceptional skill level and unbeatable service at Donahue and Horrow LLP.

Michael and Tom, and everyone at Donahue & Horrow LLP, are committed to listening to their clients and fashioning a plan to achieve their desired results. Every interaction you have with the staff and attorneys here will be guided by the utmost in ethics and integrity. Contact us today for a consultation.