How Can I Fight a Private Disability Insurance Claim Denial in California?

Do you know what to do if your private disability claim has been denied? How can you fight a California private disability insurance claim denial?  Are there differences in California that you should be aware of?

Facing a disability can be an extremely scary and emotional time. You may not know what the future holds, when you will be able to return to work and resume your normal lifestyle. And for many people, disability comes with the uncertainty of income to be able to pay bills and support your family. That’s precisely why people purchase disability insurance. But what happens when you receive a private disability insurance claim denial?  Do you know where to turn, what steps to take, or resources you’ll need to put together to fight the denial?

In California there are specific legislated provisions that were put in place to ensure policyholder rights.  Under many circumstances, insured parties are able to bring a bad faith claim against their insurance company if their disability claim is wrongfully denied. 

While this doesn’t mean every denied claim will result in a successful lawsuit, it does mean it’s worth investigating.  Remember, insurance companies are not on your side.  As private companies they make more profit every time they deny a claim.  

Denying a valid claim is called a bad faith denial. Insurance companies may be acting in bad faith if they

  • fail to properly respond to your claim;
  • fail to thoroughly investigate your claim; or
  • rely on misleading or inconsistent reports.

While it can be difficult to prove these actions, or inaction, by the insurance company, we are committed to holding the insurance companies accountable. If you are facing a disability insurance denial, you’ll want a team of attorneys on your side who are experienced in this niche area of law. We have the experience and are passionate about handling these types of cases. Our clients, like you, paid insurance premiums to protect themselves against this situation and we won’t let the insurance company put their bottom line before your interests.

Depending on the nature of the denial, there will likely be facts that need to be investigated and presented to make your case. Being denied an insurance claim can be jarring, emotional and frankly, just scary. It’s important to have all of the facts and to convey those to your attorney – sometimes a seemingly innocuous detail could make a difference in your case.

Unfortunately, these disputes can and do happen and they can be long, costly disputes that deprive you of the insurance you need and deserve. We work with our clients to achieve a fast, successful resolution. Sometimes we are able to do that through negotiations and other times it may mean litigation. Whatever course we take, we focus on the priorities of our clients and ensuring they understand each step of the process.

We are here to help guide you through the process to obtain the money that you deserve – the money you need. Are you facing a private disability insurance claim denial or dispute, or expect a dispute in the near future? Give us a call today for your consultation.