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About Private Disability Insurance for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical professionals, particularly those who are self-employed and run their own practices, frequently purchase private disability insurance, referred to as own-occupation disability insurance. If you purchased such a policy, you did so for one reason: You wanted to protect yourself in the event that a disability prevented you from continuing your practice.

When you purchased your insurance policy, you certainly had no intention of using it. You certainly did not want to give up the career that you invested so much of yourself in, the career that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, you have found yourself in a situation that requires you get the benefits you paid for. The last thing you need is your insurance company telling you that you cannot. However, this happens all the time.

A Denied Disability Insurance Claim Does Not Mean You Have No Further Options

If your claim has been underpaid, delayed or denied, it is not the end of the road. At Donahue & Horrow LLP, our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience overcoming challenges and making insurance companies pay their insureds. We help doctors and medical professionals of all types, including chiropractors, anesthesiologists, surgeons and dentists.

Making Insurance Companies Fulfill Their Promises

You know full well that your insurance premiums were not cheap, yet you paid them diligently. You did so to protect your lifestyle in case of a disability preventing you from working at your clinic or office. While your medical condition may allow you to pursue some other line of work, one that provides significantly less income, the point of purchasing your policy and paying such high premiums was to protect you in the event of a disability that specifically prevented you from continuing in your medical career. Our lawyers will make it clear to the insurance company that they need to fulfil their end of that agreement.

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