Disability Insurance Claims for Financial Advisers

If your disability insurance claim was unfairly denied, it is time to talk with an attorney.

Financial advisers absorb a great deal of stress and worry from their clients. The very nature of the job and its responsibilities lead to extreme emotional and physical challenges. When those challenges begin to take a toll on the human body, it might be necessary to file a disability insurance claim.

At Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., our lawyers have more than 50 combined years of experience guiding clients through the potentially frustrating process of application and appeal. It is rare for a disability claim to be approved at the initial application stage. If your disability claim has been denied for reasons you don’t understand, call us and schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.

With a specific process devoted to the appeal of denied claims, insurance companies will often attempt to delay or devalue a claim. Our attorneys are on your side and will fight to ensure that the insurer is acting in good faith. If, through a thorough investigation, it is determined that your insurance carrier has acted in bad faith, it might be possible to hold the carrier responsible through a bad faith lawsuit.

We encourage clients in all fields, including financial advisers, to work with a knowledgeable attorney to gain a clear understanding of these often complex insurance policies. We can examine the policy and provide valuable insight into any vague language or potential obstacles that our clients might face when filing a claim.

Free Consultation With a Los Angeles Disability Claims Lawyer

All cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing and we receive nothing unless you win your case by way of settlement or verdict. Call our Los Angeles-area office toll free at 877-664-5407 or e-mail us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.