Denied Disability Claims Can Be Appealed

Think You Have To Just Accept Your Disability Insurance Company’s Benefits Denial As The Last Word?

Think again. Most disability insurance carriers routinely deny initial claims for disability benefits. They may delay processing your claim or send you to one of their “approved” doctors for an assessment — a doctor who might say that you are fit work even when you may not me. They may simply “stamp” your claim denied without ever really considering your case. Insurers have many tricks and tactics that are all designed to try and find ways to deny even legitimate claims.

If you have been denied disability benefits, it is important not to give up. Most individuals find their claims denied at the initial application stage. This is common, and no cause for alarm. If you or a loved one has been denied disability benefits, a knowledgeable attorney can explain your options for appeal. The appeals process has been specifically designed to allow individuals to fight to have their denial reversed. The lawyers at our firm have extensive experience guiding clients through this potentially frustrating process.

Our disability insurance claims attorneys are skilled at uncovering the reasons your claim was denied and quickly acting to rectify errors, and negotiate with the insurance carrier to ensure you receive the proper benefits. If you are disabled and your claim has been denied, contact our firm today to discuss your situation through a free consultation.

Throughout the history of Donahue & Horrow, LLP, our attorneys have represented clients in Glendale, Los Angeles and many communities in Southern California who have been denied insurance benefits for disabilities of all types, including:


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