CIGNA Insurance Claims Disputes

If you are having trouble with CIGNA Insurance our lawyers may be able to help.

Have you made an insurance claim with CIGNA, only to have it denied, delayed or underpaid? The lawyers at Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., have more than 50 years of experience that we will use to help you. Our services are available in the Los Angeles area and throughout California.

Since 1982, CIGNA has provided a wide range of health insurance policies. Through its Life Insurance Company of North America division, it provides disability insurance and life insurance products to people throughout the United States. But as is the case with all insurance companies, CIGNA is a business that seeks to protect its own interests and will put profit over people when it comes to deciding on if and how to pay on claims.


You Do Not Have to Accept an Insurance Company’s Decisions if You Believe That Are Wrong

People tend to trust their insurance company. When a claim is denied through CIGNA or any other insurance company, people often simply accept the denial and try to move on with their lives without the insurance benefits they need. You do not have to accept no for an answer. Insurance companies can make mistakes or even act in bad faith by denying your claim. By letting our lawyers review your case, you can find out for certain if you have been denied inappropriately. If you have, we can help you get the benefits you need.


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