About Wrongfully Denied Disability Insurance Claims and What You Can Do

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When you purchase disability insurance, you are purchasing a promise to pay in the event you become disabled or unable to do your own occupation or any occupation. These special insurance policies help pay your rent or mortgage, or your grocery bills, clothing, and other expenses when you are unable to work. But if your insurer denies your disability claim, you may feel that you have nothing to fall back on.

The attorneys at Donahue & Horrow, LLP, are experienced at pursuing denied disability claims in California and they offer their services for disability claims on a contingency basis. You will not have to pay our attorneys to pursue your disability claim unless they obtain compensation for you. For many of our clients, the contingency fee arrangement is a relief because of the dire financial circumstances they may already be facing.

ERISA Disability Insurance Claims in California

In many cases, employees have disability insurance coverage from a policy obtained through their employer. These group disability insurance plans are generally governed by a federal law called ERISA that may limit your rights and remedies. Employees of churches and governmental agencies, however, may be exempt from the awful limitations of ERISA.

Private Disability Insurance Benefits Claims

Some individuals have purchased disability insurance coverage on their own. These individual policies are not limited by ERISA and we can pursue coverage and additional damages that are not available under policies covered by ERISA. To you the insured, the differences in damages between ERISA and non-ERISA insurance policies are critical. See our page on ERISA vs. non-ERISA insurance. Or, to learn more in a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles disability insurance claim attorney, contact us today.

Many sophisticated, high-income professionals like doctors, chiropractors, dentists, surgeons, real estate brokers, and lawyers purchase private disability insurance for their own specific occupation. These policies, which typically carry a substantial premium, are designed to replace lost income in the event they become disabled and are not able to do their own occupation.

Far too often, insurance companies unreasonably refuse to pay out on these own-occupation disability policies. Our firm can help you enforce your rights and hold those companies accountable.

Get the Help You Need To File an Appeal or a Bad Faith Lawsuit Against Your Insurance Company

We understand that our clients, whether professionals, blue-collar workers or any other workers, depend on disability insurance coverage to pay their bills. We will work hard for our clients to obtain the relief that they need.

Contact Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., to schedule a free initial consultation with a Los Angeles disability insurance claim attorney. We handle disability claims on a contingency basis.

If your disability insurance claim has been denied, you still have a right to pursue payment from your insurer by filing an appeal. You may also have a right to pursue an insurance bad faith claim against your insurer if the claim was improperly or wrongfully denied.