30-Year Court Reporter Denied Disability Benefits; Wins $130k Settlement After Appeal Denied

A dedicated court reporter found herself confronting an unjust obstacle when a major insurance company wrongfully denied her claim for disability benefits after she found herself unable to work due to disability. In her pursuit of justice, she sought the expertise of Michael Horrow and his disability insurance team at Donahue & Horrow LLP. Through the team’s unwavering commitment, a settlement was reached within months of filing, before the court even set a trial date. This speedy resolution allowed the client to spend time recovering and returning to her life, rather than spending valuable time fighting a massive insurance company. 

After dedicating nearly three decades to her role as a court reporter, our client was compelled to cease working due to debilitating pain in her back, shoulder, neck, and arms. Extensive medical examinations conducted by her physicians revealed that cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder were the underlying causes of her suffering. Determined to overcome these challenges, she embarked on rigorous physical therapy, aiming to improve her condition and continue her career. 

Despite her resilience and the presentation of substantial medical evidence supporting her claim, the insurance company callously denied her request for disability benefits. She could have sued immediately, but believed the insurance company would do right in the end. She held onto the belief that her persistence and the accumulation of further evidence would eventually convince the company to reconsider. Her treating physician supported her with a comprehensive letter elaborating on the extent of her disability and refuting the insurance company’s erroneous denial decision. Additionally, subsequent appeals supported by additional documentation failed to sway the insurer from their initial stance. They denied her appeal two more times, leaving her to fight in court instead of taking time to recover.     

Frustrated by the insurance company’s unwillingness to honor their contractual obligations, she turned to the experienced team at Donahue & Horrow LLP. Swiftly mobilizing, the firm initiated legal proceedings by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company, asserting claims for breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, commonly known as bad faith. Initially filed in the San Bernardino County Superior Court, the case was later removed to the Federal Court in the Central District of California.      

Responding to the complaint, Michael Horrow, alongside the legal team, presented a compelling settlement demand, highlighting the insurance company’s erroneous decision and the potential implications of a verdict exceeding the value of her entire claim for benefits. Remarkably, even before the commencement of discovery, a mutually agreeable settlement was reached. This resolution ensured that the client would receive the benefits promised by her policy, freeing her from the burden of monthly reporting to the insurance company.

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