Michael Horrow is the best, most competent, knowledgeable and most honest attorney with whom I have ever worked, and in my 30 years of practicing dentistry, I had worked with all kinds, but none better than Michael. He got me a very fair settlement with my disability company, and I only wish I hadn’t been so hard up for money, or I would’ve gone to court and probably could have won a great deal more through him, but my circumstances were such that I had to settle. He was perfectly willing, however, to move forward and go to court had that been my desire, and I wish I could’ve done a so , because I have no doubt I would have won, but that would have involved months if not years more litigation and my situation was such that I needed the money my insurance had withheld more immediately and he got me back 90 % of what the insurance company had ” erroneously” held back from me. It was a pleasant and wonderful experience working with him and he couldn’t have been more helpful or more friendly, and I would recommend him without hesitation. Also he continues to be helpful whenever the need arises as has been the case from time to time since I first met with him 10 years ago