I would definitely recommend people to your firm. Michael is very straightforward and laid out relevant information for me to know and also hypothetical scenarios to keep in consideration. He was also very good at answering my questions about possibly what the other side was thinking and if he didn’t know and an answer to my question he would tell me. The honesty was much appreciated. Also, communication was very timely and it was easy to get in touch with him if I needed him as well as with yourself and the office staff. I also liked Michael helping me with use of language when filling out paperwork. I like to understand what it is I’m involving myself with so that I can take an active role in my case and he helped me do that.


I had a great experience with Michael Horrow as my lawyer. He was highly transparent and available to answer any questions I had, even with regards to potential outcomes. He also did a great job managing my expectations and was timely in his responses to my communications. His staff was also very professional and helpful.