In 2019 my son suffered an injury at birth. In addition to this being one of the hardest moments of our lives the idea of having to relive it through a legal process was beyond frightening. Once we got home from the hospital, I started reaching out to attorneys about my sons’ situation. We had several firms return our calls to talk through the merits of our case, however, only one of them called and first asked about our son, how he was doing, how my wife and I were holding up. Tom was the only one to start the conversation with a genuine concern for our well-being. After my first conversation with him I knew in my gut that Tom was the representation we needed. Every conversation we had with him, or anyone on his team, always started with compassion. That said, they were also tenacious with our case and built an amazing team of experts and specialists to help push our case forward with a positive outcome. Tom assured that my family would have the resources to get my son the care he needs and give my wife and I hope and peace of mind. My family is eternally grateful to Tom, Nichole, Rosa, and the entire team at Donahue and Horrow.