Wow, is how I would describe this FIRM!!! From the 1st person you talk to here, to the attorney and everyone in between my experience was nothing short of amazing!! They fight for what is RIGHT (that’s hard to find these days) and handle it all very professionally all along the way!!!! I will forever sing there praises for the rest of my days!!! They fought for me when no one else would!!! Michael Horrow is not one of the best he is the BEST!!!!! His team, again you will NEVER meet better!!! They truly CARE!!! My case was not a slam dunk it was difficult!!! However WE WON!!! Could not have done any of this without them!!! Simply put the BEST you can get right here!!!!


I am so beyond thankful to God that he guided me to your firm!! It was all by chance that I found your firm!! I had no idea what erisa law was let alone the fight I was up against!! I had explained my story to several attorneys that were not Interested in my case…. I was scared and mad all at once!! I called your office spoke with Rosa who immediately put me at ease and made me feel cared about! I love her! Over the next day or so I spoke with Michael, He took the time to listen to my story and explain what we were up against. He also explained he normally doesn’t handle cases such as mine, however he wanted to help me. We set up a time and he flew out to meet me in Oakland. Again he went into detail the process were are going to take. First we had to do the appeal and he gave me the option to do it on my own or have them help me. I am thankful I had them help me. Nichole helped me with the appeal, and it was done professionally and explained in detail my journey. Your team at the firm is amazing on every level! Michael I appreciate all you’ve done for me and will sing your praises till my dying day! With the utmost sincerity.