My son was completely healthy up until his birth. His birth was very traumatic. He is now in Kidney Failure and will require multiple kidney transplants his whole life for survival. Due to being on many medications to keep him alive, he developed an auto immune disease which puts him at high risk of a stroke. My life is extremely stressful. More than a parent should ever have to go through but with all this being said through the journey of working with Tom, Rosa and Nicole they have been a god send. Truly amazing people, and I mean that.

Every single one of you have touched my heart. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first. I tried to back out a few times because I was extremely stressed out, and at the same time trying to keep my son alive hour to hour.

Every phone call I have ever made to the firm, everyone has always been so sympathetic, heard me cry wayyyyy to many times but listened and reassured me that my sons future medical expenses would be taken care of, but just to work closely with you guys.

Anytime I had questions, which I had many, over and over you guys have always been there to answer my concerns. Every time I called and left messages, I received a phone calls back in a timely matter.

Through my heart breaks, hospital admissions, you all have always checked up on my son and myself. I really, really appreciate all of your hard work.

You guys will always hold a special place in my heart. Like I’ve said before, money doesn’t make my son better, take away his diseases, heal him or heal my traumatic experiences but it does put my heart at ease that his future life expenses are taken care of.