Most of us purchase a disability insurance policy thinking that it would be just that – insurance to protect us in a seemingly unlikely scenario, a security blanket. Most people sail through life never having to file a claim. I purchased a sizable, top-of-the-line policy with hefty premiums. I thought if I needed to use it, it would be a straight-forward “over the counter transaction”, submitting documentation from my doctor and receiving the benefits that I had paid for over decades. Imagine my anguish when my claim was denied. I later found out that rather than pay my legitimate claim, they focused on ways to deny it. Here is where Michael Horrow and his dedicated expert team came in. With his help I was able to get a good settlement from the insurer. I am ever so grateful to the person who referred me to him, so I am “paying forward” by writing this unsolicited testimonial to help others!

From the outset, it was clear that I was in good hands. Michael spent an inordinate amount of time with me clearly educating me on the legal process in plain English, not legalese. A certified specialist in bad faith law, he is very knowledgeable with an excellent command of the language, making him an outstanding communicator and a formidable trial attorney. This was a long two-year process, during which he kept me informed on a consistent timely manner. He represented me well, fought for me, put my interests above his, and made sure I got justice. He is a wonderful human being to boot and is complemented by his partner Nichole Podgurski and a great support team, including case manager Rosa Padilla and manager Molly Hachtmann. 

When you’re represented by Michael Horrow, insurance carriers and their attorneys know he means business – they sit up and pay attention. I would recommend him very highly.