California Medical Negligence Lawyer

Thomas E. Donahue, Founder

Many birth injuries are caused by medical negligence. This occurs when a health care provider’s performance falls below the general standard of care expected in the medical community. Our California birth injury lawyers have years of experience in successfully handling these cases. Medical negligence can arise in countless ways, but is often seen in relation to:

  • Neglecting to perform proper tests during pregnancy;
  • Failing to note or monitor the fetus’ condition;
  • Neglecting to diagnose infections,
  • Umbilical cord entrapment or premature rupture of membrane;
  • Improper vacuum use;
  • Delay in ordering a C-section;
  • Hypoxia.

Time Limitations for California Birth Injury Cases

While some birth injuries are handled in the same manner as other medical malpractice cases, certain laws apply to cases involving birth injuries and injuries to minors. These cases do not have to be filed until the child’s 8th birthday. This allows time for certain birth injuries to be recognized after the child has started school. Birth injury cases also receive priority on the trial calendar, which means a birth injury case may receive a trial date within 9 months of filling, rather than waiting two years or more with other cases.

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