California Health Insurance Claim Denial Lawyer

Michael B. Horrow, Founder

Health insurance can be confusing and choosing from different options can be overwhelming. If you’re lucky, your employer offers a comprehensive, affordable health insurance plan that you can access. For some, their employer’s plan is unaffordable or offers minimal coverage. For others, their employer doesn’t offer health insurance and they have to purchase their private health insurance policy. Regardless, people purchase health insurance so that, in case of an injury or illness, they can focus on recovering without having a huge financial burden.

Most of us go day-to-day using our health insurance in minor instances – maybe a check-up at the doctor, for prescription medication, or an occasional sick visit. We’re glad we have it but we may not fully recognize the importance of health insurance – until something catastrophic happens. Unfortunately, in many instances, insurance companies deny catastrophic claims – leaving an ill or injured person responsible for massive medical bills, on top of having to focus on getting well again. If your health insurance claim has been denied, don’t let the insurance company get away with it. You have rights and options – you can still recover the benefits that are owed.

health insurance claim denial

Insurance denied? Don’t walk away!

Regardless of how you obtained your health insurance policy, through your employer or privately, you pay money each month in exchange for an insurance company promising to pay your claims when you submit them. Unfortunately, insurance companies often break that promise, taking advantage of a person who is injured or ill. They hope that by denying your claim, you will walk away. But you don’t have to walk away. There are options to hold the insurance company accountable.

We know that you may be exhausted, emotionally, mentally, or physically, and not up to fighting the insurance company. We can handle that part for you, letting you focus on what’s important – your health. We have over 50 years of combined experience, including as former insurance defense attorneys. We know the loopholes insurance companies use to deny claims and we know how to close those loopholes to get what you deserve.

We’ve handled cases against Kaiser HMO facilities. We’re experienced and capable of handling health insurance denials for people in all trades and professions, whether ERISA applies or not. We know the intricacies of this type of law and have attorneys experienced in both ERISA and non-ERISA claims and can pursue monetary damages for you.

Don’t pay a dime until we recover for you

We take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis. We know you may not be in the position to pay out of pocket for an attorney on top of mounting medical bills. You won’t pay us a dime unless and until we recover for you. Call us today for a consultation.